Thursday, December 11, 2014

DIY Table Make-over

Hi friends, sorry i've been MIA lately. We had family in town and we've also been working on a few bigger projects one of which I am going to share with you today. I was so inspired by Gold Morning Blog and her table re-do HERE, that I immediately started searching Kijiji (aka Canadian craigslist) for an affordable table that we could transform. After about a week of non-stop searching I found a table in perfect condition for $25 (Ikea table HERE). Once I actually had the table we jumped in and got to work. All we had to purchase were the wood planks, everything else we already owned or borrowed from friends. In all we spent $55 and I think it was well worth it! 

Here is how we re-did our table: 

1. Paint the table legs and sides white. We didn't need to sand our table down because it was already raw wood. We applied 4 coats of white paint. 

2. Cut your wood to size, or have Home-Depot or Lowes do it for you. We cut ours ourself and then sanded them (and by we I mean my husband). 

3. Stain your wood, we used a walnut stain. I only applied one coat. 

5. Glue each piece of wood down and use weights or clamps to secure it while the glue dries for 36+ hours (we went back and forth trying to decide if we wanted to nail our wood to the table or glue, in the end we decided to glue it and i'm so happy we did). 

6. Once the wood glue had dried, apply a semi-gloss clear coat to protect the table top. Once it's dried we lightly sanded over it to smooth it out. 

7. Enjoy a meal at your brand new table! 

I am so happy with how my table turned out, now i just need to finish our wood bench and paint my walls white and i'll be as happy as a clam. Does decorating every\ really end people ;) 

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