Friday, September 10, 2010


To keep from further embarrassment i am changing the names of the people in this story.

So we invited some guests over our house, Jedediah and Susanna! They are such wonderful people, and as we were giving Jedediah a tour of our house, we also showed him our bedroom. (if you walk straight to the back of the room, behind Bridgette's bed you will find both our laundry baskets) As Jed walked in my room my first thought is "i hope he doesn't walk right to the back of the room were my laundry basket is" because basically its filled with dirty panties and a few other clothing items, but mostly panties! Then of course Jed heads straight to the back of the room and to my own dismay glances down. So i'm slightly horrified until he does a double take and stares for just a second too long at my laundry basket filled with my panties. Now i'm a little past horrified to more of a mortified! As he went out onto the balcony i quickly grabbed one of my t-shirts and threw it on top. Turns out Bridgette's laundry was also filled with panties only hers are little more womanly(if you catch my drift). Luckily after Jed and Susanna left, us roommates were able to laugh about it and swap other embarrassing panty adventures!!!


  1. "So i'm slightly horrified until he does a down take and stairs for just a second to long as my laundry basket filled with my panties."

    Ohh Emily... like father like daughter. By "does a down take" I can only assume you mean "double take"???

    Stairs should be "stares"

    second too should be "second too"

    and I like that you wrote "as my laundry basket filled with my panties" as if the basket was magically filling with panties as he looked at it... (I'm assuming you meant "at" instead of "as")

    Oh how I love you and your funny little ways. I especially love the way you mix up expressions (like down take versus double take)

  2. now you realize i have to go and fix all of those mistakes,and this was probably the fasted i wrote a blog so i didn't really proof read.

  3. HAHAHAH! oh my goodness emily i LOVE you!!!!!! that is hillarious!....this is courtney by the way...baha! that could have been awkward on your part