Monday, July 14, 2014

My OBX Dream!

North Carolina is a magical place where the air smells sweet and the ocean is a dream. The Outer Banks did not disappoint. This past week was one of the best weeks i've had in a long time. I love when a place surpasses my expectations.
Time with my family is one of the most precious things to me, I miss them dearly everyday. 

Enjoy my pictures! 
I really was in my happy place :) 

After 12 hours in the car this sunset and beach walk we're well worth it! 
The ocean was the perfect temperature to cool off in as we tanned in the hot OBX sun.
Stephane being his hilariously seductive self. 
We went thrifting, only to leave empty handed with a few cool pictures. 
This overgrown whimsy land was right behind our vacation home. 
Ok, is she not the most perfect or what? 
My heart broke when I couldn't go inside because it was closed (tears)

It poured and it was beautiful. 
After this I had sand EVERYWHERE. 
Thanks trusty hat for keeping my face shaded from the sun. No sunburns for me! 
Shell we play in the ocean. 
When it costs $1.50 to walk on the pier, you just go under it. 
This is our dog Pooter, we made him! When he wasn't there the next day, Stephane told me not to worry and that he was just swimming in the ocean. 
Loved being with my family, but I wish they could have all been there. 
5:30am wake up call from my sweet husband to watch the sunrise on our last morning in OBX. 

We can thank self timer and my running skills for this picture.

I created some great memories and I hope my tan doesn't fade to quickly ;)


  1. Such gorgeous photos and you are just absolutely stunning.

    1. Awe thanks so much! I hope to one day meet you, from all that Naomi says about you, you're a gem!!!