Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Oh Hey, Ohio

Hey Guys, sorry for not posting these past few days but i'm on vacation and family comes first. I'm currently in the Outer Banks, North Carolina right by the beach soaking up the sun and breathing in the sweet air. It's truely blissful. I'll have tons of pictures for you guys soon.

But first I wanted to share some pictures from my few days in Ohio. 

I love being home in Ohio, every time I go back I discover more things I love and miss about it. It's always hard living so far away from my family, so anytime spent with them is my favorite. 

Okay, maybe I will show you a few pictures of the ocean because I couldn't resist. 

That's just from yesterday night and this afternoon. Hope you won't mind seeing endless pictures of the ocean this week, because i'm sure i'll take a million. 

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