Saturday, June 28, 2014

How-to Make: Fake Flower Crowns

Hi friends, I've been seeing DIY flower crowns all over Pinterest lately, so obviously I wanted to try one out for myself. Surprisingly it took me much longer then I thought. I was sure I could make it in a half an hour...but I was wrong. It probably took me an hour and a half. It's not that it was hard to make, I just didn't want to slap it together. 

Anyway's here you how make your own fake flower crown. 

Gather your supplies. I found my fake flowers at a garage sale for $1 yesterday, you can't beat that. Everything else I had at home.  

Next, wrap your twine around your head and tie it off. 
Then take your wire and wrap it around your twine to give it some stability. 

Use your wire cutters to cut all your flowers and leave then with a 1inch stem. 

Cut a piece of wire and wrap it around your flower stem. 

Then take the flower and use the excess wire to secure it to the twine.

Add more flowers until you get your desired look. 

Put your flower crown and know that you're a beautiful princess. 

Hope my tutorial was helpful, if any of you try to make one yourself send your pictures my way! 

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