Friday, August 16, 2013

That Awkward Hallway Moment.

I had the most awkward moment that was fully caused by me. Gosh, how do have these things happen to me...oh well. This is what happened.
I live in an apartment building so when your in the hallway you feel a bit like your in a hotel. I had just got to the 3rd floor and was at one end of a longer hallway, and at the other end I saw a larger black man. We've all had those moments where your walking towards a stranger for awhile and its just a little uncomfortable, well it is for me at least. I never know where to look or if I should say hi. We clearly picked our own sides of the hall to walk down. Him on left and me on the right.
Well, something came over me and as we got closer, now about 7 feet away, i found my feet walking right in front of him. He stopped made this face that said "what the hell are you doing" and I quickly took 2 steps over back to my side of the hall and hurried past him. Humiliated at what i couldn't believe i just did,why i did it or how it happened.

Still don't know what came over me, i honestly thing my feet just carried me over there against my will.

Oh well... it makes for a funny story i guess.


  1. Emily I adore you, you always make me laugh! <3

  2. Emily I adore you, you always make me laugh! <3