Friday, July 25, 2014

Best Husband Ever

I think I won the husband lottery because this man is incredible. Ive been dreaming more and more about getting back into photography but this time doing it right and actually learning how to shoot in manual mode like a big girl. I always use the excuse of not having a decent lens to learn on. I broke the one my Nikon D60 came with years ago when I first got it. 

Well... yesterday my husband surprised me and bought me the lens I had been asking for ( it's a 50mm f/1.8G NIKKOR FX Lens). Its a great lens for me to learn on and was affordable as well.  I was so happy I cried. He's so good to me! 

I spent the afternoon sitting at home learning all about manual mode. When Stephane came home we went out in the rain for my first mini shoot completely shot in manual mode. This may not be a big deal to some people but this was a huge thing for me and I know I will only grow from here. 

Here's the pictures that made the cut from my mini shoot. My husband is one good looking man. 

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