Monday, July 21, 2014

Home Decor: The Corner

For a long while this little corner sat empty. It's an awkward space that I wasn't sure how to fill. Then one day we were having company over and I randomly placed these two wooden folding chairs in the corner (we got them at a yard sale for free), I found it gave the lonely corner purpose. I made a makeshift table with three 4x4's and BAM I turned my lonely corner into a cute little sitting nook. Though it wasn't until I added the wall decor that it really turned into its own space in the living room. 

I've come to learn that when your on a tight budget or buying new furniture isn't even in your budget you make do with what you have. That's exactly what I did with this corner and I'm happy with it. 

Today I added the 6 white picture frames to the wall and filled them with pictures from our vaca to the Outer Banks. I feel like I never print out pictures anymore, and I definitely want to change that! I also scored all these picture frames at a garage sale for $1. I do love a good garage sale. 

I really love decorating with hats because it's not only cute but it's oh so practical as well. 

Hope you liked this little peek into our home. 

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