Friday, June 20, 2014

Thrifting Gems [Vol.1]

I love thrifting! My husband and I go thrifting on the regular, we are always stopping by our local thrift stores looking for treasures. People often ask me how I find good stuff at thrift stores and I think the trick is going frequently. Thrift stores are always getting new things and they go quick. That's why you have to go often. Sometimes we run in for only a few minutes and sometimes we mosey around for a while. I leave empty handed a majority of the time. But the other day when we went I found this great dress and hat. It's so fun finding two pieces that you can wear together. 

Today is one of the warmer days we've had in awhile and this breezy dress was the perfect choice for running errands and grabbing lunch. 
Side note: We sent in my visa immigration application today, YAAAAYYY!!! If you think about us pray for favor, that there will be no issues, and that processing times will be quick. Thanks :) 

We also found this cute little stone house. It made me wish I was 7 again, this would be the perfect place for any child's make believe games. When I was little our go to game was -run away from the orphanage. Yup, it must have been inspired by Oliver Twist or Anne of Green Gables. For some reasons the orphanage people were always bad and we had to escape to the wild. This little home would have been our refuge. HA!  

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day! 

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