Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Macrame wall art HERE  

1. I'm slightly obsessed with macrame wall art, I would love to make one that fills an entire wall. I'm sure it would be a big project and not cheap either, but a girl can dream. I saw a huge one displayed at Urban Outfitters for decor, not to buy... and have wanted to make one ever since. 

2. I now have 2 kimono shawls and I think they are the perfect summer layer. They are light and airy and oh so feminine.

3. I saw About Time a few months back and I still think about how much I loved it. If you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and go watch it. 

4. I definitely hopped on the bandwagon with the whole Divergent craze. I'm currently ready Insurgent and i'm sad that it will be finished soon. I've loved the whole series. Since it's coming to an end does anyone have any good book suggestions for me? 

5. FLORAL, can I get an amen for all the floral patterns happening right now. The above floral is actually the same print on my phone case. 

6. Trees in bloom. I call them flower trees, they make my heart so happy and I wish they stayed like this all year round. 

Braid Photo HERE & Moon Wall HERE
7. Any and all braids! I'm actually finally learning how to french braid. I can't quite get my hair to look as good as the girls above but I hope to get there soon. It's the perfect summer hair-do.  

8. This moon wall has captured my heart. I feel like it's subtle and bold all at the same time. I always love gold and this is just so creative and fun. 

Here's to my first What I'm Loving Lately post. I may have to make these a monthly thing. 

Have a great day and let me know what you're lovin lately! 

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