Friday, June 6, 2014

DIY- Hanging Wall Art

Last night I dreamed of the ocean, and I woke up with my heart aching for the sea. I made this wall hanging as a not so subtle hint to my husband. Also, I saw THIS on Pinterest the other day and knew I wanted to make it. Since I didn't have most of the supplies they used, I modified it to fit what I had at home. 

Here is what I used to make my wall hanging. 
Black Card Stock
White Paper
Wooden Stick 

1. Print out any quote on the computer, you may want to keep it short though. I couldn't pick which font I wanted so I printed out 2 options. 

2. Trace over letters with a sharpie, place plain white sheet of paper over top. 
3. Tape papers together at the top so they don't shift. Cut out your letters. 

4. Fold black card stock at the top, place wooden stick in the fold and tape down. 

5. Fold up the bottom corners evenly to meet in the middle and cut them off. 

6. Position the letters on the black card stock. Then glue each letter down individually. 
7. Attach your string to the stick, hang up and admire your work! 

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