Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Just Two Kids In Love

Hi Friends, 
For those of you wondering if i'm still thinking of making art prints, well I am. I'm just getting off to a slow start. I really want to be proud and love my prints before I make some sort of shop to sell them. It might be awhile before I build up a small collection to sell. I want to enjoy creating my prints and not just whip out a bunch for the sake of selling them. I want to do it in my time because it makes me happy, ya know?!

This week is spring break and Stephane just got a new job, which has left me at home with a lot of alone time. Today I created the print below. It's my new favorite that i've ever made...Stephane says I say that about every new painting I make LOL. Hope you guys like it. 

Emily Faith Art: Just Two Kids In Love 
As a side note: I ask that you don't take this picture off of my blog to print without my permission... thanks friends :) 

I hope your spring is getting off to a warmer start then mine is. I spent about an hour this morning laying in bed looking at vacation rentals in Florida and North Carolina. A girl can dream, can't she?! I'm obviously getting desperate for warm weather and the ocean. Oh boy do I miss the ocean. 
Pray for warm weather for me PLEASE!!! 

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