Monday, March 31, 2014

DIY Salt and Pepper Labels

Today I made these super cute salt and pepper labels, aren't they fun! 

I found these little shakers thrifting the other day (my sister in-law has similar ones) and I knew I wanted them for salt and pepper shakers. Too cute right?! 

Here is what you need to make them:
  • Clear Gloss Spray Paint
  • Glue or Mod Podge 
  • Scissors
  • Printer and Paper 

Step One: Print out your labels and make sure they are sized correctly.
I found these shapes on the internet. Then picked a font I liked and wrote in Salt and Pepper. 

Step Two: Cut out your labels and glue them on to your shakers or whatever you are labeling. 

Step Three: Let them dry. 

Step Four: Cover the tops with cling wrap and a rubber band before spraying.  

Step Five: Spray the labels with your clear gloss.

Step Six: Let them dry again. 

Step Seven: You're done, it's that simple and easy! 

It's the little details that make my heart smile! 

One last thing... the other day when I went thrifting I also found the most amazing floral tee-shirt. The thrift store had a sale going on, it was half off select clothing items in the store. The sign said it included blouses, shirts, sweaters and a few other things. 
When I went to pay I noticed the lady didn't give me half off, so of course I said "oh you didn't mark it half off." 
She proceeded to tell me that it isn't half off. Confused I look at the sign and say "isn't this a shirt?" 
She says "no this is a tee-shirt." 
We went back and forth for awhile and truthfully I got a little sassy with her. 
I tried to understand but it made no sense, in the end I paid the full price and had to just let it go. How big of a deal could I make about $2 anyway...but it just felt so wrong. 
In the end I still went home, stoked about my new shirt. 

Hope you guys find some gems next time you're out thrifting! 

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