Thursday, April 3, 2014

I've Got Floral Fever

I think i've got the floral fever, everything i'm looking at in stores lately is floral. 

There was an epic sale at Stitches the other day everything in the store was $10 or less....what a jaw dropping sale! I went in hoping to find a kimono/shawl or whatever you want to call my floral shirt. I was so stoked this was the last one and it was only $5. My heart was swimming in joy. It's the perfect summer layer, its so light and airy and will go great with some ripped up shorts and a tank, EEEKKK i'm excited! For now I'm wearing it like this, whenever I wear a bold print I like to keep everything else pretty simple. 

You may be thinking "are those glasses real?" my answer would be...obviously NOT! I've been wanting a pair of fake glasses for forever now but was always afraid of what "others" would think. Then I realized I just don't care, what a freeing thought. Soooo I may get made fun of but i'm ok with that.

I told Stephane that if people say to me: 
 -I didn't know you had glasses?  
I will respond with:
-yeah I just got them the other day. 

 I got a real kick out of myself and laughed for a few minutes at that. Is it a lie if you withhold part of the truth JK LOL. I probably couldn't keep a straight face and let someone think they were real. They sure are fun though. 

When I was a little girl I always wanted glasses, then in 4th grade my parents took me to get my eyes check and it turned out that I did need glasses. Only I NEVER wore them, and to this day i've never worn glasses. I put on my friends glasses the other day and everything was crystal clear, I actually said "wow everything is like 3D" what i meant to say was "everything is like HD" that would make more sense now wouldn't it. 

Here's what i'm wearing: 

Kimono: Stitches
Velvet Leggings: Garage
Shirt: Can't Remember 
Glasses: Ardene
Necklace: Husband made it

Take a risk today, be brave and be YOU!

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