Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Guide To De-Clutter Your Closet

One thing that stresses me out is clutter or excess amount of anything. With only having moved into our home less then a year ago, house clutter is not a problem. We actually need a few more home items to fill this place up. One area I do frequently clean out is my closet. I know not everyone loves getting rid of clothes and believe me when I say, I have some clothes that I have held onto in hopes that I will one day wear them again or that they will one day fit me again. I think most of you can agree with me when I say WE WILL NEVER WEAR THEM AGAIN. There will always be something newer and cuter then your old shirt, sweater or dress. The reason I love cleaning out my closet is because to me it's freeing. I get excited about buying new staple pieces of clothing, after all whats the point of having an over flowing closet when you only wear half of the clothes. I would much rather have half the wardrobe and know I love and wear every single item.
That is why I came up with 4 rules to help you de-clutter your closet! 

Emily's De-Clutter Code (A guide to help you decide whether to keep it or toss it) 

1. The Store Test: If you went shopping today and you saw that "shirt" would you buy it? 
 If you answered yes then go ahead and keep it, if you answered no then do yourself a favor and let it go.  

2. The Seasonal Test: Like me, you may find yourself saying...oh I will keep that because I'll wear it come  (insert season). Then "winter" comes and you never wear it. Guess what it's time to get rid of it.

3. Does-It-Fit Test: This is probably the most depressing part of cleaning out your closet. Well if you're loosing weight it could be the happiest part. Not for me though, I knew I had a handful of jeans that didn't fit me anymore, yet I had held onto them. Why had I kept them for a year now...b/c of the "what if" factor. What if they fit me again someday? That could be true, but they don't right now. Plus I can always buy new jeans that aren't 5 years old. If it doesn't fit you right, get rid of it.    

4. Do-You-Love-it Test: Growing up my Mom always said to me...Emily do you love it? This would be the test to see if I could buy something. Most of the time I would say...No but I like it. If I didn't love it we wouldn't buy it. Chances are if you don't love it, you're not going to wear it. It will always get passed by in the closet. When I don't love it, I get rid of it.
I know I have made far to many purchases when I only liked a shirt. Fast forward 1 years and I've only worn it once.

Once you've de-cluttered your closet gather all the clothes your not keeping and give them to a thrift store or host a fun clothing exchange party.

Here is my closet before:

Here is my give away pile of clothes: 

I filled up 3 big bags full. 

Here is my closet after: 
(Happy Sigh) Wow that is much better. Hope this inspires you to de-clutter your own closet. Remember you control, your closet your closet doesn't control you :)  


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