Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Shelf Decor

Hey Ya'll 

I had been looking for an affordable white book shelf for months now and finally found this one on sale at target! I love decorating so I obviously enjoyed organizing this shelf.
I always see pictures on Pinterest of people who have a ton of white books on there shelf. I seriously own about 5 books with white covers. I was not happy with my book colors, I like things to look clean and simple. So I just turned my stack of books around so the pages face out. This may be a little impractical, but I like the overall look waaayyy better. 

I felt like my shelf was missing something, and then I added some Ikea plants (yes they are fake) it was just what I needed. I spray painted there pots white and painted on the little designs. They turned out great! 

Here are some pics of my newly decorated shelf!

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