Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Creative Selfie's

I'll be the first person to admit that I not only love a good selfie, I'm also constantly taking selfies. However, about 90% of my selfies are never posted, you're welcome. Plenty of people complain about selfies but not me. I'm obviously not in love with bathroom selfies or duck face selfies, but if you post a quality selfie I'm down! 

 My friend Jessica recently posted this selfie ^ and said "We should all probably start getting more creative with our selfie's." Some may read that and think yeah whatever. Not me, I read that and thought YES, a creative challenge.

So what did I do, I found my Mexican blanket opened my blinds to let in the light and set up the self timer app on my phone. Maybe that's weird but I love photography and my husband isn't always up for posing for I'm my own model.

Here are the pics that came from that little selfie photo session. 
Stay cozy today and post a selfie :) 

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