Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Berry Banana Yogurt Popsicles

I don't know about you but i'm constantly wanting ice cream or anything sweet. Stephane and I try not to buy sweets yet I'm always looking through our cupboards hoping to find some sugary treat. Only I know we don't have any, but somehow that doesn't stop me from looking and hoping one will appear. 

I've seen a few Pinterest ideas for popsicles and I finally gave my own idea a try. I found the cutest little popsicle holders at Walmart for $3 and had to have them. I'm really happy with how my popsicles turned out they were yummy and refreshing. 
You only need four ingredients to make these berry banana yogurt popsicles. 

  1. Plain greek yogurt but any kind of yogurt would work great. 
  2. One banana, I know thats not the prettiest banana but they're actually sweeter and better when they are turning brown. 
  3. Mixed berries, mine are frozen but fresh would be even yummier I bet. 
  4. Honey...mmmmm drool. 
Use about 1 cup of yogurt and place in a bowl for mixing. Use a fork to smash your banana into the yogurt and add honey if desired. Mine wasn't perfectly smooth at the end, it still had little chunks of banana. 
Then take your berries and throw them into a blender and add a glass of water. I added honey to the berries as well. 

Next you will scoop the yogurt into your popsicle holders and pour in the fruit puree. I tried layering them but it ended up only being two layers. When I make them again I will take more time to layer them carefully. 
I let them freeze over night. Above you can see my cute popsicle holders. I had extra fruit puree and I wish I had another set of popsicles holders because I had enough to fill them. 
Here is my finished popsicle, happy and ready to be devoured. This cutie was delicious and refreshing! 
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! 

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