Friday, February 28, 2014

Starbs Date

By the grace of God I haven't had a total melt down about the freezing winter i've been enduring. On day's like today when it was -13F/-25C (not even the worst it's been) you kinda of want to live under blankets all day. The problem is that the whole cozy blanket, couch cuddling, tea drinking nostalgia does hit a point where you go I'm OVER IT...I know...I know, I didn't think it was possible either. But, I just want to feel grass on my feet and play in the sun, and not be cold allll the time. Ok rant over. 

Instead of sitting around the house all day, we just needed to get out and go anywhere. So we settled for Starbucks. I actually do love Starbucks, it reminds me of being in Redding and I feel good there. Of course I made Stephane be in/take a handful of pictures. He's so good to me! 
Sitting inside Starbs next to my love with chai tea in hand suddenly made this cold weather not so awful. 

We're pretty cute eh? 

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