Saturday, February 8, 2014

DIY Moon String Art

This was my first time making string art. I'm not overly thrilled with how it turned out. To be honest i don't think it looks much like a moon, but its still kinda cool looking.

Anyway this is how I went about making it, it was easy and lots of fun. I love a quick DIY craft. I have a hard time making things that take hour upon hours to make, I get over it pretty quick.

Maybe you will want to make one of your own!
DIY Moon String Art 
Start with a piece of wood and black paint. I just used what I had lying around the house. 

Paint it black, or any color of your choice. 

Print out a picture of what you want to make, could be a country an animal or anything really. 

Place picture on your painted wood and use nails to create the outline. 
I love black and white, so i went with white string. 
And VOILA, this was my finished product. 

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