Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to every momma out there, you guys are incredible!!!
I give credit to every mother out there for they demonstrate character that I haven't yet grasped and they lay down there lives for there children everyday. Motherhood is a beautiful, selfless thing.

I really wanted to dedicate this post to my mom, for I have learned so much from her. I wanted to tell you all about my mom and how she loves.

My mom is a fierce, powerful, beautiful women. Not only is she stunning and cool but she is fearless. I've watched her love more deeply then most, this is a women who feels. She has laid down her life for her children like no other I have seen before. From my mother i've learned what it looks like to have a servants heart. My mom will and has given everything for her family everyday. She walks in beauty and hope. She is kind, funny and quirky. Ask my sisters and they will tell you she is cute, my mom is the cutest mom ever. She makes us all laugh with her comments and facial expressions. She is one of kind. I have never known another person like her. Not only is she an amazing mom but she is the best cook around, she is so creative! She embodies grace and doesn't give up. I have watched her face difficulties and trial and still she stands victorious and hopeful. She is the best women I know, and i'm blessed to have her as my momma. 

Stephane often tells me how much I remind him of my mom at moments. As I get older, I see more and more things that make me just like my mom. What a joy and honor, my mom really is the most incredible women and mother.

Thanks for fiercely loving, protecting and caring for me mom. You have always done such a great job, better then you will ever know. 

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