Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We're Moving to Canada!!!

Hi Friends!!!
I guess you could say I'm a traveler. I've moved throughout my whole life, Holland, Portugal, Ohio, England, back to Ohio, California and now I'll be moving to Canada. And that is only listing the places I've lived not visited.

Stephane and I have decided that Canada is the next step for us, we will be living in Leduc, Alberta. I don't know much about Leduc other then the fact that it's COLD!!! I hate the cold if i'm being honest, like really hate the cold. I've loved every minute of my California dreamin weather. Its going to be in the 90's today and I'm a happy duck! Despite the cold, when I know in my heart and feel in my spirit that I'm supposed to be somewhere... I'll go! Yaay for Leduc!!!
We have a great friend named Kayle (Stephane's best man at our wedding). We love him and months before we got married we knew we wanted to serve his vision anyway we could. He told us he would be moving to Leduc, at first we were hesitant, neither of us ever having been there. We didn't know what our journey there would look like.

We quickly watched God open a huge door, there is church called Gateway Family Church, Stephane has known the head Pastor and the worship leaders there for quite a few years. To make a long story short the Church told us they want us. Then as time went by and things unfolded even more, they told us they want us to pioneer a ministry school, having us be the "head administrators"  (not sure if that's an official title but that's what i'll call it for now). We will be starting a first year school of Ministry, we're calling it Gateway School of Supernatural. It may start our small, with 10 to 15 student, but you got to start somewhere right?

Stephane and I are completely humbled by this opportunity. I'm blown away by the doors God opened for us, we did nothing except tell Kayle we wanted to be apart of what he does and BAM, increase and favor were at our doorsteps. At the beginning of the new year someone at church said this will be a year of favor and we have seen it not only in our lives but in our friends lives around us. Its a time of transition for many of our friends out here, everyone is moving on to bigger and better things. It just gets me all excited inside!

If you think of us, pray for continued provision in our lives, for wisdom beyond our years and for a smooth and easy transition and for lots of fun!
I'll try and keep you updated through our whole moving process, I'll be coming home to Ohio for 2 weeks in June! I'm so excited to get some quality time with my family! There's no place like home.
Love you all
Thanks for being apart of our lives and loving us so well!

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