Sunday, April 21, 2013

Creepy Crawlies

I don't really enjoy bugs at all and I loathe spiders. In these past 2 weeks I have killed 3 spiders that were in my bed. That is 3 too many, it the worst feeling seeing a spider crawling in your sheets. These sightings have all happened during the day and I can't bring myself to think that there may be spiders cuddling me in the night. OH GOSH I could scream at the thought. You see I just killed this 3rd spider minutes ago and it prompted me to let you all in on these happenings.

Something else awful occurred the other day with a different bug. It was saturday morning and I was just getting out of bed on my way to get myself some cereal. I stopped and thought, "I need a sweater." I grabbed my sweater that was lying on top of our chest at the end of the bed. Its the warmest cozy sweater ever! I slide one arm in and as I put the second arm through the sleeve I feel something hard and alive... then watch as a giant black beetle jumps out of the sleeve and onto the bed. WHY IS THERE A GIANT BLACK BEETLE LIVING IN MY SWEATER SLEEVE!!!???? and worse I just felt it with my arm. Seriously things like this don't happen to Stephane, only me. He has never once spotted any spiders on the bed, or had bugs crawl out of his clothing. Nope just me. I can truthfully say that I screamed for a good 10 seconds, Stephane also happened to be Facetiming with his mom who got to hear my lovely scream (love you Cristina), he did get the beetle for me and flushed it down the toilet to its death. Praise Jesus :)

Stephane said he would call our maintenance people on Monday to see if they can fix this bug problem. It would be one thing if I was spotting them in the corners of our house, but finding them only in our bed is just too much for me.

Dear Lord, please let all the bugs leave our house in Jesus name, especially ones that want to make babies in our bed.

And we all said


  1. If there were spiders in my bed I would freak out. FREAK OUT. I'm amazed you're still sleeping in your bed.

  2. Oh Emily I love you and your blog! I totally empathize. At our old apartment we had an issue with these lightningbug-esque beetles. The occasional spider, but no other issues. The day we moved there was a roach on the window against our bed, & I was mortified! How often had we had such creatures watching us! Bleh bugs.