Saturday, April 13, 2013

DIY Coasters

My first DIY post!

I love Pinterest, it gets me feeling all creative and inspired. I saw THIS coaster DIY pin and wanted to make them right away!

Here is how I did it!

I bought these tiles for 16 cents each at Home Depot! I only bought 4 because I really don't need an excess amount of coasters in my house. 

Then I popped over to Michaels and bought one piece of felt(99 cents) and cut it into 4 squares. 
I then Mod Podged it to the bottom of the tiles! 

At Michaels I also bought scrapbook paper. I got a whole little booklet for $5. 
I measured and cut little squares for the tops! 

Then Mod Podge them to the tiles! 
Lastly spray a clear gloss over top of them to seal it! You may need a few layers. 

Here is the result. I love them! 
So pretty!!! 

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