Thursday, March 28, 2013

Beautiful Friendship

Hello lovely people!!!
I got to hang out with my dear sweet friend Ally this evening. It's always a joy spending time with people that know you, and I mean really truly know you. I lived with Ally for 2 years and I can promise you that she knows me. She knows me to my core and it's one of the best feelings. Its a place of vulnerability and safety, having your heart so open to someone yet knowing that they know how to hold it really well. She always brings me such life. 

 If anyone knows me even a little then they should know that I love to talk, so naturally me and Ally did lots and lots of talking. We would probably just keep talking if we didn't have lives to get back to. 
Me and Ally in May of 2011
Tonight as we were giggling about girl things that only girls would be giggling about, she asked me, "so what is it like being married" and the first thing that came out of my mouth was this..."it's honestly so great, i love it. and...  like whats best for me is that I get to eat diner with someone, because I hate eating alone, I think thats why I never used to cook." She smiles and said "you are just the cutest ever." I couldn't help but laugh at my response. Apparently I really hate eating alone HA. I love silly little moments when I can make not only myself laugh (b/c lets me honest I laugh at myself all the time) but when I can make others laugh. There is something so great about feeling delighted in. Ally does just that she celebrates and delights in who I am. When I feel delighted in I thrive! 
Ally was such a faithful bridesmaid! (Feb 17th 2013) 

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