Saturday, March 30, 2013

...and a House Becomes a Home.

Hi welcome to our home, please come in! 
Me and Steph have worked hard at making are very tiny house into a place that feels like home. But also a place that represents us. When you have a very small budget you have got to work with what you have and that is exactly what we have done. 

I have to admit I love Stephane's cow scull. He was given it last summer after he mentioned that he'd been looking for a skull like that. The man told him he could have it! And VOILA are beautiful display, it took some thought of how to hang it but we worked it out. 

I hate cables and cords sticking out everywhere, when I found a DIY on Pinterest to help solve that problem, I just had to try it for myself. You buy a used book from a thrift store hollow it out and then you can hide your internet router on the inside. GENIUS!!! 

I love my mirror, I searched high and low for a swirly twirly frame and finally found this one thrifting. It was this awful tacky gold, so we painted it white and used it at our wedding. Now it hangs beautifully on our wall.

We have this big open space above our sink and had nothing to fill it. I had some extra canvas laying around and I covered them in this fabric. Its not my favorite fabric of all time but it serves its purpose and until I do come across that perfect pattern this is a great filler. Also, those roses were apart of the 1st bouquet Steph ever gave me! (AWWW)

This picture hangs in our bedroom, again it was so simple to make and since i'm no painting prodigy this was easy enough for me. I really like how it turned out too. 

This was a display at our wedding of all engagement pictures. We love it obviously b/c now its hanging in our home. 

Another simple DIY, we bought a bunch of cheap frames painted them white and hung them how we saw fit. I love the splash of pink. 

I always wanted a big map, me and stephane found this one at Goodwill for like $1, I was so stoked. It goes perfectly above my piano! Yaaay for maps. 

I always come alive when I'm creating and i've loved creating a space for me and Steph that feels like US! It doesn't take much to make a house a home, just a little TLC! 

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