Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Puppy Lovin

Today was a day of puppy lovin! Our good friend Stephen recently rescued a dog from the animal shelter. She is the sweetest most kindest, gentle pit bull I've ever met. Her name is Maybe and she is the cutest. I believe that my life is much better as soon as there are dogs around. I hate living so far away from my puppy back home. Steve and Maybe have been hanging out with us tons since he got her and my heart has been so full! 

Me and Maybe got to be back seat buddies today, she may have been resisting my kisses but deep down I knew she loved them. 

We stopped to get gas and I had to take the opportunity to snap a pic of this bright pink tree in the parking lot. I love trees and trees with flowers are even better. I find them so dreamy and beautiful. Beware though some of those flower trees smell so bad, luckily this one has no stink to it! Just Beauty!!!

HAHAHAHAHA Maybes face^ 

We ventured around town and went thrifting, one of the thrift stores was selling tiny tiny baby Chihuahua puppies. Just an added bonus to all the puppy lovin.

After all our fun Maybe was struggling to keep her eyes open in the car. She slipped away into a nice little nap on the way home. I couldn't have asked for a better backseat companion. 

Puppy lovin, it's good for my soul. 

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