Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Gullible is written on my ceiling, for real; my sister wrote it on my ceiling. I pretty much believe people when they tell me anything and everything. I think this is a great quality but can be abused by other people very easily. For example the other day me and my sister were sitting in the car and the topic of my cellulite came up. Yes, i have cellulite, glamorous i know. Moriah, was pointing at my thighs (the so called "problem" area) then touched them. She blurts out "you know, if you tickle cellulite it grows" and proceeds to tickle my leg. I respond with "No don't, i believe you!" In my head i concluded that irritating the cellulite must cause the cells to grow....but no. That's not true. Moriah starts laughing and says "HA! Emily i can't believe you believed me." So, i guess you could say i'm a little gullible but hey it makes life interesting.

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