Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dead Body

I am an odd human, i know it's true. To confirm this fact i will tell you a game that me and my sister play. It's called Dead Body. Basically it consists of one of us at any given moment making are bodies and all our limbs go completely "dead" and falling to the ground. Then the other person has to try to get them up. It's one of the funniest things. I would suggest playing by a couch, bed or on carpeting. Dead Body does not easily disappoint. Also, careful who you play with. Preferably family because you tend to get pretty up close and personal with the other player. Dead Body is a great game, i highly recommend it! HA


  1. my family and I do something similar, we call it dead weight where at any random given time we throw our bodies on each other yelling dead weight and go completely dead weight on them, normally causing a collapse to the ground. its soooo funny. love you!

  2. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO playing this game. omgsoexcited!