Sunday, November 28, 2010

How Lazy is Too Lazy???

I was recently told i was the laziest person someone had ever met. This comment was a little harsh but rightfully deserved. Seeing as it was stated due to the fact that i kept saying, "ahh i have to pee, but i'm too lazy to go!" So how lazy is too lazy? I think maybe i could find a few people who relate to me about peeing especially ones who have to pee all the time. I think it really boils down to an annoyance and the fact that i want rebel against my bladder and say NOT THIS TIME...i'm going to make you wait a little longer, because you JUST EMPTIED YOURSELF HOW ON EARTH COULD YOU BE FULL AGAIN???? I guess someone who likes getting up and being by themselves for a moment would appreciate constant bathroom use but i prefer to be lazy and stay sitting holding me pee until i can't take it any longer. There is no logic to this madness just another adventure i put myself through....

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