Friday, November 19, 2010

Space Heaters

Its finally getting cold, and we hadn't set up heat in our house until today. So our lovely landlords brought space heaters over for us to use. I've been camped out in front of them since i got home and have come to the conclusion that life is cozier with space heaters.
Funny story about space heaters...
one time i was at a sleep over and we were all sprawled out on the living room floor. I had a few blankets and a space heater was next to me down by my feet. We actually slept at this sleep over and my friends mom (whom i love) came and checked on us in the night. She told me "emily last night i came out and your whole body was covered up except your butt, and your butt was pointed right at the space heater, so i got another blanket and covered your butt for you!"
I'm so glad that my cold butt could find warmth in the trusty space heater!
Space heaters, you bring me much joy and hopefully after a long day of adventure i can come home and curl up beside you!
thanks for the warmth

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