Monday, December 6, 2010

My Life

My roommates were having a semi-serious conversation in the kitchen and i go pee, as i'm washing my hands i thought of a funny story and began laughing...all by myself in the bathroom. I walk out and both girls have stopped and they are just staring at me. All i could say was, "i thought of something funny!"
...and this is what i thought of....

I have a physical activity problem, ok thats a little dramatic, i merely have a lack of working out problem. So my roommate loves to work out, particularly going on runs. The other day she was talking about her workout and said that she ended up running for about 30min along with doing some other activities. I was sitting on the floor listening, and i chime in with "wow 30 minutes, that's a pretty long time i ran 9 minutes, in 7th grade!" As soon as my words hit me, i started laughing, i couldn't believe 7th grade just came out of my mouth. When i thought about it for real, the last time i purposefully had to run a mile was in gym class my sophomore year. I've gone on hikes and most likely walked more than a mile since, but that was the last time i had set out to do that. This is so shameful, but i've heard running is bad for your knees, so hey i'm just saving me knees really! Running adventures, i hope maybe one day, probably when my metabolism slows down i will realize i need you in my life, till then...

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