Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just Bored

I've been struggling to come up with a new entry, something interesting to write about, something that will make you laugh or at least crack a smile. Alas it seems useless as nothing creative has been rolling through my brain. So i thought why not tell you all the noncreative things going through my head. This should be boring,
  • quadratic formula (neg B plus or minus the square root of B squared minus 4 times A and C then its all divided by 2A)
  • I still have science homework that needs to be done, its due friday
  • I have to work tonight and tomorrow and i worked yesterday
  • My tummy is rumbling, problem easily solved if i could manage to get off this couch
  • I don't enjoy bitter cold
  • I'm still hungry
  • I want to hug a lion (Christian the lion…anyone???)
  • Why are some pimples painful and others aren't, like i have this pimple, and i can feel it forming on my chin and it hurts but you can't even see it yet???
  • My stomach just yelled at me
  • I like colors thank goodness life isn't black and white
  • lalalala singing lallala all the time
  • I'm going to change the world
  • I learned i love encouraging people and seeing them see what i already saw in them!!! wow thats a mouthful
  • I hate filling my car up with gas, funny story about the first time i ever got gas. I don't feel like telling it b/c these are my uncreative thoughts.
  • I don't make sense a lot
  • I laugh at myself more then others laugh at me???
  • Flying cars
  • pants that become loose by the end of the day grrr
  • Sophie winks at me
OMG i've just inspired myself, i know something funny to write about!!!!
this was boring adventures with Emily Faith
if you read this i applaud you clap clap clap lots more claps clap clap clap yaay you!!!

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