Wednesday, January 27, 2010


If you are a chronic winker or lets just say have ever winked at someone then you need to read this. DON'T WINK ANYMORE!!! Its creepy and weird and sends mixed unreadable signals. First off what even is a wink, basically you shut one eye really quickly while looking at someone…WHAT thats just strange. Second of all its creepy, only creepers wink! The ABSOLUTE ONLY TIME its ok to wink is when you are in on a joke with someone and need to fill the person in on the joke so you sneakily wink, that is the ONLY acceptable time!!! Anyway now some of you may be wondering where my disliking of winks began, well let me take you back to 2nd grade. I asked my mom
"what does it mean when someone winks at you?"
"well most of the time it means someone has a crush on you"
"oh i see"
Then it just so happened that a little while later this boy did the unthinkable and winked at me!
I proceeded to approach him and ask
"why did you wink at me?"
"i don't know i just did"
"well my mom says people only wink when they like you"
"well thats not true"
Not only was i a little heart broken, i was now just darn right confused.
This has led me to a life of strong dislike towards winks, they make people uncomfortable and should not happen.
so STOP WINKING people just don't do it!!! Well at least please don't ever wink at me.
Hope you've learned a valuable lesson today.
This has been winkless adventures with Emily Faith

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  1. Are u kidding me!?!??! lol I am going to wink at u just for this hahaha, winking is not saying u like someone, it's fun and enjoyable and hahahaha funny hahaha