Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cheek Biting

The joy of cheek biting was discovered by mistake one beautiful beautiful day. Alley and myself often will find amusement with one anothers faces. Taking our hands and squeezing cheeks together, lifting eye lids, staring at each other with the ugliest faces we can muster before the other bursts into laughter. On this wonderous day i was kissing Alleys kissable cheeks and i thought it seemed much more fun to bite her cheek; so i did! Oh it was a joyous moment, the shock on her face, the unexpected surprise of my teeth making contact with her cheek seemed to make me laugh a little to hard. Alley immediately grabbed my head and held it firmly in her grasps as i fought my way away from her. She had become a lioness, mouth growling, as she made her way toward my cowering cheek. The one thing i discovered is that as much fun as it is to bite a cheek its equally as disturbing to have your cheek bitten.
Its my honor to share my secret of a successful cheek bite with you!
  1. make sure the one being bitten is completely oblivious to your cheek biting plan
  2. now lean in so that you are about 1ft away from there face
  3. ok this is the most important part, you have to make a lionlike scary face and if your feeling adventurous you can even growl
  4. then before they have time to react you bite there cheek
  5. this is usually followed by endless laughter
WARNING: side effects may include teeth marks on your cheek (i won't be forgetting christmas eve 09 for a while) also slight redness may occur where the teeth touched the cheek, also may cause pain to the bitten one.

Don't let this stop you, its quite the experience.

This has been cheek biting adventures with Emily Faith
Your welcome :)

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  1. Haha sonds like fun!!! Haha will have to try it on.... hm.... idk who, but someone who gets scared easily haha