Saturday, November 1, 2014

Oh Deer Me

The best part about halloween for me is surprisingly not the candy it's the costumes. I LOVE playing dress up, I wish I had more excuses to dress up. Face paint is such a fun way to create a character especially if you don't have a full outfit to go with it. If face paint was a love language it would one of mine for sure. 

Last year I saw a few deer costumes on Instagram and knew that I wanted to be a deer this year. Before we went out trick or treating with our bestie's and their kids last night, I had Stephane snap a few pictures of me in a field near our house just after the sun went down. 

I'm no make-up expert, so for my first attempt i think i did a pretty good job at my deer make-up. For anyone wondering I used THIS TUTORIAL that I found on Pinterest. I got a few comments from people saying I look completely different and that they didn't even recognize me. As funny this may sound, I honestly think it's because of my black eyebrows. My eyebrows are about as blond as they could be and it's a big change having dark black eyebrows. I think it changes may face a lot and if it's not b/c of the eyebrows then I don't know. To me it still looks like me lol. 

<< I'm quite fawn'd of you my deer >>

What did you dress up as for halloween?


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    1. Hey I think you're pretty great, even more then great...absolutely wondeful!!!

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    1. Thank you! I sure had fun wearing it too!!!

  3. Hi Emily! I love your halloween costume! I can't believe you did that makeup yourself.
    I have been here just reading your blog and it makes me happy.You are very talented.

    I live in Edmonton so if ever you would like company on a photo adventure I am all in :)

    Have a blessed weekend!