Saturday, October 11, 2014

Thrifting Gem [Vol. 4]

An average evening out for me and Stephane would be going thrifting, grabbing some food and then going some place pretty outside and taking photos. The only semi pretty place in Leduc is Telford Lake and by lake I more mean pond. I'm from Ohio so i'm a little spoiled with Lake Erie and Telford can't really compare. Surprisingly the weather has been beautiful these past few days and i'm loving every second knowing that eternal winter is around the corner.

When ever I go thrifting I usually go searching with something in mind. But once in a while I just happen across a gem that I wasn't looking for but then have to have! I've been looking for an oversized leather bag that could be used as a camera bag. As I was looking at the purses I came across this great leather purse and I had to have it! I'm a sucker for vintage leather purses. Well actually I have no idea if it's actually vintage but I'm still happy!

Watching the sunset seriously never gets old, especially when I have my love next to me!

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