Tuesday, October 14, 2014


We spent the weekend in Calgary for Canadian thanksgiving, it was beautiful out and the colors at this park were gorgeous. It's still weird celebrating thanksgiving a month early though. I find that the upside to it is that as soon as halloween is over Christmas seasons comes in full swing. There's no waiting till after thanksgiving. As much as I don't enjoy snow, I do love every moment of it during the christmas season. I always find that putting up a tree in December just doesn't give me enough time to really get into the christmas spirit. Last year I put our tree up November 1st, I may have jumped the gun a bit. This year I plan to put it up mid November. Oh christmas you do such magical things to my heart. I've already stopped myself from listening to christmas music, in fact i'm currently resisting the urge.

Anyways once I get started talking about christmas apparently I can't stop. We're also planning on going home to Ohio for christmas and being with my family is always my favorite.

In other news I think I have a problem, I can't get enough of oversized layers. I gravitate towards them and I just can't help myself. I found this sweater/blazer/jacket at Forever 21 over the weekend and I had to have  it. It's such a great fall layer and can be dressed up or down. Lately i've been pairing it with all black and it's the perfect amount of simple but still makes a statement.


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