Wednesday, August 27, 2014

You're the PineApple of My Eye

I'm loving that pineapples are everywhere lately, I already have one pineapple tank but when I saw this tee-shirt on sale for $6 I thought to myself...
"Yeah I could use another pineapple shirt." 

I've said this many times but my favorite outfits are the comfy kind, which means I would always rather be wearing leggings (and all the ladies said AMEN). I'm not the kind of girl that will wear short tee-shirts with leggings though. My front and butt HAVE TO be covered. I think that's why I also love me an over-sized tee-shirt. My husband is not the biggest fan of anything over-sized on me but I just love them. 

If I had a "uniform" of what I wear most often/what I gravitate towards in my closet it would be this: 
leggings + oversized tee + cute shoes = my go to outfit
As long as i've done my hair and make-up I feel like I can get away with this bummy-ish look. 

My husband always looks good and he sure can rock a backwards hat! 

What's your go to outfit? 

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