Saturday, August 2, 2014

Before & After Make-up

Hi guys, as you can see above is a picture of me before make-up and after. Lots of people have different thoughts on make-up and my view is pretty simple, if it makes me feel beautiful then I don't have any problems with it. I actually wish I knew more about make-up. Since I don't I tend to keep things very simple. The above look took me 10 minutes including my hair. All I really do is throw on some eye liner, mascara, bronzer and chap stick. Then if i'm not in the mood to fully do my hair, I just straighten the ends. That's what I do on most days. 

I wanted to share this mostly because I thought the before and after was great. I have blond eye lashes so they are almost invisible unless I wear mascara. Thats really the biggest change here. It's so fun to enhance whats already beautiful. My husband loves me both ways and I love me both ways. However I do prefer when I have at least some mascara on. 

It's great being a girl :) 

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