Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Thrift Store Painting Make Over

My husband loves this painting and to be honest we actually got it at a friends garage sale, not at a thrift store. As much he loves it i'm still not the biggest fan of this painting. We got it months ago and I put it straight into the closet and that's where it has stayed. Today I finally decided to try to give it a little make over. 

I'm still not in love with the painting but I definitely like it more after my little addition. 

Here is how I did in my simple DIY thrift store painting make over. 

1. Find an old painting thats cheap and affordable. 

2. Pick out a work or phrase and use pencil to hand sketch it directly onto the paining. 

3. Go over your letters with paint. I picked white but you can use any color that you want. 

4. Hang up your new and improved painting and stand back to admire your work! 

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