Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bring On Summer Baby

I've been dreaming of summer since summer of last year when I moved to Canada and felt like I never got a proper summer. I was used to the 100 degree Redding weather and when we came to Canada is was only 75... not that warm. However I will not let that keep me down this summer. It's all i've been looking forward too. 

I've created a little summer fun list: 
Picnics in the park
Lots of bike rides in the sun 
Night time bon fires with friends
Delicious BBQ's 
Try not to get eaten by mosquitos
Write a happy whimsy summer song 
Visit my family (someway somehow)
Take more pictures with my "real" camera
Go on walks with my love just to hold hands
Get a tan
Go swimming (not in an indoor pool, that's going to be hard since i'm in Canada)
Be spontaneous  
Make new friends and hang with them
Don't become a hermit 
Don't binge watch TV
Make a summer songs playlist 
Go on a road-trip 
Have Stephane make a little video of a day trip adventure (I've always wanted one of these) 
Laugh lots and have fun

Here's some pics from my past few summers, gosh I'm so blessed. 
Bring on summer baby!!!

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