Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gallery Wall

I've been wanting to have a gallery wall for a long time now, but hadn't taken the risk or gotten vision for what I wanted. Then one day some ideas came to me and I spent all afternoon decorating the wall. I re-arranged some pictures from around the house and got my craft on to put together this small gallery wall. I've had it up for a few weeks now and i'm so happy with it.

The only thing i want to change is my wall color. We rent our apartment and the wall are a light grey but i'm going to see if we can paint them white. Are home doesn't get any sunshine (i'll just be here crying b/c i love natural light) but i think white walls would brighten things up a bit. We have been blessed with this awesome apartment and I love making it feel like "us". 

PS: I'm sorry about the picture quality in all my posts, i've just been using my iphone. 

I began with an idea of what i wanted laid out on the floor...but i didn't really stick to this plan LOL.  
The finished product! 

I made the stars on black card stock and traced a star shaped cookie cutter, then put them together with fishing line.  

The deer pic, i drew up with some inspiration from pinterest. It says "i'm  quite fawn'd of you my deer". 

The clip board is a 2014 calendar i made with different sketched for each month. 

My Sister in-law made me the string art of Ohio, i love it so much and its fits so perfectly on the wall. 


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