Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stephane, You Took My Pillow!

Last night sometime around 4am Stephane and I lay fast asleep in bed. I was woken up by Stephane snatching my pillow out from under me, rolling over and holding it in his arms. Confused and still half asleep and I proceed to nudge him and this is the conversation that followed.

Me: Stephane! You took my pillow.
Stephane: (grunts) I don't know.
Me: No babe you have my pillow
Stephane: (very tired and confused)
Me: you just took it, can I have my pillow.

He then tosses me my pillow and we both fall back to sleep.

Hours later, once the sun was up I asked Him if he remembered what happened last night. He said, nope. We had a good laugh as I told him what happened. Married life is too much fun!

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  1. Emily this is my life hahaha. Justin sleep talks allll the time and has done things akin to pillow-stealing as well!