Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Neighbors Underwear

Sometimes i think my life is pretend. I actually don't understand how these situations happen to me, but i'm so glad they do. Let me fill you in on my life...so i live in a town house and we have a joint laundry room that we share with 4 other houses. I did my laundry this morning before school and dumped it all onto my bed to fold when i got home. As i was folding my laundry tonight, picking through all the clothing...i pause for a moment as i see an article of clothing that i don't quite recognize. I look closer and pick it up....OMG i burst into laughter and crumble to the floor in shock. My roommates run in asking "whats so funny, what's going on?" I barely manage to get out "i have the neighbors underwear." I assume what happened was this...the dryer was full and i needed it, so i took out the neighbors clothes and i put them in the laundry basket, that they'd left. I guess i missed his underwear and also one black sock. I stealthily snuck over to the laundry room and deposited the undies and sock back into the now empty laundry basket. Oh how i love finding my neighbors underwear on my bed. This was an adventure indeed.
Ps: of-course i took pictures!

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