Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quote Board

In the city of Redding California live 3 girls in a small townhouse known as the diamond in the rough. In the diamond lives a fridge and on this fridge is a Quote It board. The quotes of the moment are...
  1. "We are a tri..pod, no a triplet or a trio?" "yeah a trio!"
  2. "A bug just landed on Jenna's mountains."
  3. "When my friends run marathons they poop their pants!"
  4. "Why did you save that morsel?" "So i could have another bite of satisfaction."
  5. "Quincy Quincy"
  6. "I hope these beans don't affect me during church."
  7. "I was manifesting in the car and lost two hair ties."
  8. "Just take it you little head!"
  9. "Bring your own tapioca"
  10. "oh the wagon wheel fell off."

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