Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Loony Toons

Yesterday i was at a retreat for school at JH Ranch, we had jobs assigned to us and mine along with 3 other people was to do the dishes, the dishes of about 250+ people. I was told to be the designated "return all the dishes to there correct spots" person . This was an easy enough task, however it did get slightly stressful at times. The floor had started to get wet, as the dripping dishes were being carried to there homes, to add to it one of the sinks caused a huge puddle on the floor. Having a wet floor is no big deal if you have the proper slip resistant shoes, but i was wearing flip flops. Yes, flip flops my friends. So i was doing more of a gliding and light steps than walking. In a moment of stress and rushing i took one step by where the bigger puddle was and did a Loony Toons slip and splat onto my butt. To add to my humiliation i took a huge bowl of lettuce down with me ( like 1ft and 1/2 wide bowl), the lettuce went flying all around me. I sat there for a moment butt soaks surrounded by lettuce, trying to figure out my next move. Thankfully one of the men in-charge cleaned up all the lettuce as i continued to work for the next 45 minutes with soggy pants. JH Ranch was quite the adventure!!!

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