Monday, September 6, 2010

God is Good

I have officially begun my journey, here in Redding California and already God has shown me his overwhelming goodness. Me and two other wonderful girls got a townhouse together and we call it our "diamond in the rough"! Anyways none of us had any furniture so i just figured our house would be pretty bare. Oh God had other plans!!! First off i needed a bed, and my roommate Bridgette had a friend who gave me and her one for free! God also gave us the most wonderful landlords who totally love God and have been so helpful, he actually went and got our beds for us! They also found us a free couch! Then the day after i got here, our landlord called and told us not to by anything because its going to be like christmas! His sister owns her own set of townhouses and one of her tenants had been evicted and never came to get her stuff. So they were supposed to take it all to the dump, but instead he called us and told us to come and get whatever we wanted or needed! This is what we got (all for FREEE)
  • kitchen table and chairs (nice dark wood)
  • coffee table
  • lamps
  • dresser
  • side table
  • kitchen utensils
  • tv
  • speakers (plug your ipod into)
  • vacuum
  • curtains
  • printer
  • and the best part more mattresses (only this time they were newer and more comfortable, along with bed frames and box springs)
All this is so say that God is so good, and i think he defiantly wants me out here. This adventure is going to be the life
changing kind!

Also i made a friend on the plane ride over!!! So we took pictures together yaay!!!!

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