Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I was lying awake in bed this morning, and Moriah walks in the room. We started talking and i asked her how Lord of the Rings went last night. She said that she only watched the first one and that she stayed up till "midnight fifty." A little confused, i repeated her and said "midnight fifty?" She said "stop, i get my elevens and twelves mixed up, so its easier to say midnight fifty." Basically in her head if you say twelve she doesn't see "12" because she might think its "11". The only way she knows is if she starts from zero and counts up. Out of all the numbers those are the only 2 she confuses, my family has found this very comical. My sister Alley, asked her "so if you have 11 marbles do you have 11 or 12." Moriah responded with "i don't want to think about it." This is slightly sad, but im confident that one day she will learn. For now she will probably stick with saying midnight:50 and Noon:30!!!! Oh Moriah good luck on your mathematical adventure full of 11's and 12's. By the way Moriah is 14 going into high school, might put this story into perspective!

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