Monday, August 16, 2010

Guitars Are Cool!!!

Aug.16 2010, late afternoon i became truly inspired to learn to play guitar. Funny the timing of this, because my father happens to be away for 3 days and he has always longed for one of his children to play as he does. In my case it has taken his absence and my own determination to learn guitar by teaching myself. So far i am not defeated, in fact i feel as though i have triumphed. You see i have tried to learn guitar before most of those attempts lasted about 10 minutes. There must be something in the water because today i played probably for about 2 hours. All i have to show for my accomplishments are sore fingers and a deep sense of satisfaction. I learned A, Em, E, D, G, and would be surprised how many songs you can play with just those chords. Well i don't know who reads this so maybe you won't be surprised. Also i do play piano, but pianos are not portable like guitars and guitars are just cool! Guitar i hope this adventure never ends, and fingers i'm sorry for abusing you, please become calloused fast. thanks

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